Debit MasterCard Conversion Q&A

  • Why are you replacing my existing card?

Because you are a valued member, we want to offer you the best debit card available and that means upgrading your current card to a PSCU Debit MasterCard.

  • Will I need to change my PIN?

You will have the ability to change your PIN by calling (800) 503-9249 and entering the reference number on the PIN mailer, by visiting any PSCU branch location or at any PSCU ATM.

  • Will my checking account change?

No. Your checking account will not change or be interrupted in any way.

  • Can I still get cash at ATMs?*


  • Can I get cash back with my purchases?*

Yes, where available and up to a certain amount. At the beginning of your transaction, be sure to ask your cashier if they offer cash back.

  • Can I check my balance online?

Yes, you can check the status of your account using My eBanking 24/7 at or by using our mobile app.

  • Will I get a new card number?

Yes. Your debit card number will change and will have a new expiration date.

  • What about my automatic payments?

If you have automatic payments linked to your old card, switch them to your new card. Be sure to contact the companies you are automatically paying each month and give them your new card number and expiration date.

  • Is there anything I need to do?

You must activate your card before you can start using it. Simply call the toll-free number on the activation sticker on the front of your new card and follow the steps prompted by the operator. You can also activate your card by using your PIN at any ATM or merchant machine during a transaction.

  • Will my old card still be good to use?

Your old Visa® Check Card will work for 30 days after you receive your new PSCU Debit MasterCard or until you activate your new card. Make sure to call the toll-free number on the activation sticker on the front of your card to activate your new card. Once you have activated your new PSCU Debit MasterCard, you can cut up your old Visa card and throw it away.


*Does not apply to HSA Debit MasterCard