Business Plus+ Membership

PSCU Business Plus+ Membership is an additional benefit that fits your business needs. With Business Plus+ you can take advantage of the following:

  • ACH
  • Domestic Wires
  • Remote Deposit Capture (with higher daily limits than consumer)
  • Business Employee Entitlements

How do I qualify for PSCU Business Plus+? One or more of the following:

  • When your business has an annual gross revenue of $50,000 or more.
  • When your business has the need to perform domestic wires on a weekly basis or sends 3 or more wires a month.
  • If you have the need for employee entitlements.
  • If your business needs to deposit more than $25,000 daily through RDC.

How do I access my PSCU Business Plus+ Account either Online or using the PSCU Mobile App?

  • Each PSCU Business Plus+ member is assigned a Business ID. In addition to a User Name and Password, your Business ID is required to verify your account when you login online or using the PSCU Mobile App.

Is there an ACH limit?

  • Yes. There will be a limit set for each business member not to exceed $100,000 weekly.

Will there be any fees associated with Business Plus+?

  • Yes. Depending on your business’ needs. Please refer to all related disclosures and fees at

How do I receive remote deposit capture (RDC) capabilities?

  • You have the option to use the consumer platform with a daily limit of $25,000 or the business basic platform.
  • If your business needs exceed the above daily limit, you may request a higher daily limit up to $50,000. There is also a daily fee of $3.50 for each day the feature is used. Please refer to all related disclosures and fees at
    What is Business Employee Entitlements and what does it include?
  • Entitlements will allow you as the business owner to have improved oversight and account manageability, giving specific individual’s limited access to your accounts from anywhere. Typically Entitlements are for businesses that have an annual gross revenue of at least over $50,000 or more. If you have an accountant, designated treasurer, receptionist or assistant you may need this function.
  • If you want someone to have entitlements that person will need to be an authorized signer on the actual account. If their CPA or treasurer is out of state please contact business services.

With Business Plus, will I have to pay the domestic wire fee of $20?

  • Yes. The standard domestic wire fee of $20 will be charged as well as the monthly fee of $12.95 for the capability to due wires. Please visit for the Business Online Banking fees.

Is there a separate fee for ACH and wires?

  • No. If you enable domestic wires, ACH is also enabled. There is a default weekly limit of $5,000.
  • If you enable ACH, domestic wires is also enabled for the same monthly fee of $12.95. Please visit for the Business Online Banking fees.

Can I perform an international wire with Business Plus+?

  • Currently this feature is unavailable. You will still need to contact our communications center at or visit a branch for international wires.

Will Business Plus+ soon offer merchant capture?

  • Yes. We will soon offer this as an enhancement to Business Plus in the near future.

What if I have more questions about Business Plus+?