Wire Transfers

Send money safely and securely with wire transfers to a U.S. or foreign financial institution or transfer company.

Outgoing Wire Transfers

A typical domestic or international wire requires the following information about the person receiving the wire, or the beneficiary.

  • Full name and address
  • Account number
  • Bank / financial institution name
  • ABA (Routing) # (9 digits) for domestic wires or International ABA (Routing) # / Swift Code for international wires
  • Bank / financial institution address
  • Reason / purpose of the wire (required for international wires)

Special instructions may be required.  Please contact the beneficiary financial institution for their incoming wire instructions to avoid discrepancies.

Incoming Wire Transfers

Please provide the following instructions to the originating financial institution for one-time and recurring wires:

Wire to:

Public Service Credit Union
ABA (Routing) # 302075830
PO Box 5238, Englewood, CO 80155


  • Your name
  • Your ten-digit account number
    • Example Checking: 0100012345
    • Example Savings: 9800012345