Build a Basic Budget

If you have trouble keeping track of where your money goes, you’re not alone.  Many people admit they can’t recall where they spent the majority of their last ATM withdrawal.

When it comes to improving your personal finances, developing a basic budget to learn where you are spending your money and where you can save is key.

If you’ve never developed a budget because it seems too complicated, takes too much time, or you think it means you’ll never be able to spend money on the things you enjoy, then let us help!  Don’t think of it as a budget – think of it as a plan to spend your money.

Budget Blueprint

Budget Blueprint from Home & Family Finance Resource Center encourages you to develop your own spending plan. This easy-to-use budget work sheet will help you see where your

money is going and will help you adjust your spending where needed.  The new online format allows you to input expenses and income while listing individual savings goals.  It’s a quick way to see where you are financially and plan for where you want to be.