Credit Score Analysis

Did you know that a healthy credit score can help save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars over your lifetime?

Stop in at any PSCU branch to receive a free review of your credit report to learn how you can improve your credit score and start saving money. During your Credit Score Analysis (CSA), our trained credit score specialists will explain how the types of loans you have, applying for new loans and credit cards, late payments, and other occurrences on your credit report affect your score and what you can do to help improve it.


“We had been trying to get a loan for months, and all the banks had said no to us. Right off the bat, our PSCU representative, Wes, said that he could help us. We got everything consolidated into one loan and, within a couple of weeks, we had our credit cards and our car paid off. My wife and I are both very happy.”

Donald E.
Lakewood, CO
Member since 2011


“I tell my friends that my credit score analysis experience was great! Definitely do it! It saved me and my husband close to $3,000. It brought my interest rate down from 20.99% to 7.24%. I would recommend it to anyone! Chelsi was wonderful! She was very enjoyable and did a very good job!”

Sarah W.
Loveland, CO
Member since 2009


“I could have hugged Ernie! I would tell my friends to definitely go in and at least give it a shot. I didn’t think anybody would help me, but he did. The banks have too many quirks and too many fees.”

Jamie M.
Greeley, CO
Member since 2011