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Don’t let the state legislature pass retailers cost to you as a consumer.

Interchange Fee Prohibition:

  • An interchange fee is a small charge paid by the retailer in order to use debit and credit cards. The proposed HB 1154 will prohibit charging an interchange fee on the state and local tax portion of a card transaction.
  • Retailers accepts credit and debit cards, including those of credit union members, to provide convenience for the customer, and to ensure guaranteed payment for the store owner at the time of the sale.
  • Interchange fees cover operational costs, fraud protection/data breaches and bad debt allowance.
  • While the proposed bill prohibits charging an interchange fee, it does not include a guarantee that the savings incurred be passed on to consumers. Therefore, the reduced fees would contribute directly to the profit margin of the store owner, not the customer—this proposed bill has no benefit to the consumer.
  • The proposed bill also authorizes a State Attorney General or District Attorney to seek civil penalties against any person violating the law.
  • Colorado would be the only state mandated to implement this policy, in a global card network system. This means consumers would very likely bear any additional costs of implementation.

For credit unions:

  • A reduction of interchange fees would result in more expense for Colorado’s 1.5 million credit union members.
  • Because credit unions are member-owned financial institutions– and most are local community based – this proposed reduction would result in:
    • Higher interest rates
    • Lower rates on deposits
    • Elimination of free checking
    • New transaction fees
    • Elimination of rewards programs
  • In addition, the penalties allowed by HB 1154 would be a severe consequence for business-to-business relationships and could be detrimental to smaller, local financial institutions.

Bottom line:

HB 1154 will cause unnecessary financial burden to Colorado’s 1.5 million credit union members. Colorado Credit Unions and members strongly oppose this legislation.

The hearing is soon!  Please tell the Colorado Legislature to oppose HB 1154. CLICK HERE TO TAKE ACTION NOW!



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